Young MA Returns With A Few Suggestions For The Rap Game In The ‘I Get The Bag Freestyle’ Video

It looks like you won’t see Young MA collaborating with too many of rap’s newer performers anytime soon. The Brooklyn rapper best-known for making the whole world scream “Ooouuu” a few summers ago is back with another freestyle, this time to the beat of Gucci Man’s “I Get The Bag,” and isn’t shy about letting her feelings be known right off the bat.

“All these funny-looking n—-s rapping / And they ain’t really saying sh*t / And I won’t say I hate the sh*t / I just won’t play the sh*t,” she spits, effectively deading any possibility of a Young MA appearance alongside some of today’s more colorful hip-hop acts. But just in case there was any doubt left, she reels off one last dart at the end of her four-minute rhyme fest: “We need more spitters, less funny-lookin’ n—-s / That’s just my suggestion.”

MA had a relatively quiet 2017, despite dropping her debut EP, Herstory, toward the beginning of the year. Given the sheer volume of material released over the course of the year, it’s no surprise that the 7-song collection was drowned out, but she seems to be back with a vengeance, returning to the high-quality, rhyme-riddled freestyles that first brought her national acclaim. With the latest freestyle, it appears that she’s ready to take 2018 by storm.