Young Thug Shares A Bible Verse Blaming Coronavirus On ‘Sin’

With so much widespread panic and misinformation circulating around the current coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, it’s only natural for people to turn to explanations that align with their views of the world. For some, that means conspiracy theories about government cover-ups, such as the one Keri Hilson posted, then deleted earlier this week. For others, that means turning to the religious manuals that have offered comfort and guidance in previous personal crises and seeing signs that reaffirm their belief in the apocalyptic judgements promised within.

That’s what Young Thug seems to have done, posting a photo to Instagram of a highlighted passage from the Christian Holy Bible that seems to “explain” the troubling events of the past few weeks. The passage, from the book of Chronicles, chapter 7, describes a meeting between God and the Hebrew King Solomon, with God explaining recent plagues of drought and locusts as the result of the people’s disobedience. Thug circled the passage as well, writing “Pay attention, children” across his photo. It isn’t the first time the Atlanta artist has shared a controversial viewpoint. In the past, he confused fans with his opinion about Dwyane Wade’s transgender child.

However, unlike when the Bible was written, we have a better understanding of how and why things work. Folks aren’t just stricken down because of their misdeeds, but rather because of how viruses spread. The only sin here is not practicing sensible social distancing and safety techniques, like washing your hands and wearing face masks. Concerts and events aren’t getting canceled because they’re immoral, but because people congregating together helps infections spread faster.

Of course, all the logic in the world won’t prevent some folks from hoarding toilet paper or spreading rumors about the supposed ill effects of 5G towers. The only way to combat misinformation is with knowledge, so make sure you’re double checking that information comes from legitimate sources before you share it. And if you really do believe in a higher power, now probably isn’t the time for judging your neighbors, but for leading with love and putting in a good word with the deity of your choosing that we all get through this together.

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