Young Thug Finally Added Travi$ Scott To His Posse Cut, ‘Floyd Mayweather’

When Young Thug released the first tracklist for his latest LP No, My Name Is JEFFERY it looked like the version pictured below, which features an appearance by Travi$ Scott on track two, “Floyd Mayweather.” Thug quickly deleted the picture and later uploaded another, sans Trav’s appearance on the track with no explanation.

Some assumed the switch came from Thug’s label 300, where there have been some disagreements before between Travi$ and 300 head honcho Lyor Cohen. La Flame previously released a track, “Pick up the Phone,” with Thug and Quavo from Migos and according to Travi$ he released the track in spite of label gripes. In a since deleted Twitter rant after the track was inevitably taken down he blasted 300 and Lyor by name.

Rumors later circulated that the song originally belonged to Thug, which caused the disagreement between the two parties. Travi$ did eventually release the track officially he thanked Lyor, seemingly confirming that he had to seek 300’s permission, before deleting the tweet.

That’s a long winded explanation to say Lyor and Travi$ might not be best buddies at the moment, and maybe he nixed the feature?

Whatever the case, “Pick up the Phone” ended up on Jeffery anyway, and a few days after the LP hit retailers Thug dropped the version of “Floyd Mayweather” with Scott on his Youtube account for the world to have, for free. Adding La Flame means the track carries an extra 90 seconds now, and while he feels out of place at first, especially since he has the only verse on the track that utilizes another flow and cadence. After a few listens though, you warm up to it he’s a nice addition to an already dope song.