Young Thug Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest Over Missed Court Date

Young Thug may want to get his attorneys on the phone before hopping behind the wheel of his car or trying to board any planes any time soon. That’s because chances are he will be detained by the cops since there’s been a warrant issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court over a ticket he received for tinted windows, per TMZ.

You may remember that the YSL rapper was detained at Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall days before Christmas and photos circulated the internet with him surrounded by cops. As the story goes, he was shopping at the mall when a cop noticed him and was aware the rapper had a warrant out for failure to appear in court. Thug’s a celeb so they tried to quietly escort him out of the mall to avoid creating a stir in public before handcuffing and detaining him in a police car. He was reportedly only held and later released.

But now, it looks like missed court “for the second time,” per TMZ, which appears to have earned him another warrant. It’s probably one of those things he’ll want to take care of soon. He’s slated to join Drake for his European tour on January 21, beginning in Amsterdam. Just like the fuzz easily recognized him, so will airport officials because we’ve already seen that happen before to him.