This Hilarious Youtube Video Breaks Down In Exact Detail How Every Drake Song Is Written

Every musician has a formula of some kind for how they create their songs. The fancy word for it is “process.” In one of the more hilarious video series out there, Youtube user John Fassold breaks down in exacting fashion the inner-workings of some of the most prominent artists in the world. He’s already taken on Chainsmokers, which garnered over seven million views, Nickelback and Ed Sheeran, and recently decided to break out his piano and give Drake the proper analysis that he so richly deserves.

Fassold begins by noting that Drake tends to rap about either one of two things. “First is, look how rich I am now that I’ve made it. And the second thing is, now that I’m rich I miss my girl, I miss a girl, this girl is making me sad, this girl, this girl, this girl” and so on. He advises those who want to emulate Drizzy that as they pore over these two subject to sound like you just woke up and that, “you kinda have to do that thing where he sings, but also raps, but also talks at the same time.”

The most important piece of advice he provides however is that, “you have to make every lyric be an Instagram caption.” For example, he throws out lines like, “There’s no reason to cry, there’s no reason you wanna die / With the Uzi and the Mac 11 sitting in my safe.”

Drake’s songwriting skills are a little more nuanced then the way they’re presented in the video of course, but a number of the observations hit a little too close for comfort. Anyway, you can watch the hilarious breakdown in the video above.