Listen To Yowler’s Diverse New Album ‘Black Dog In My Path’ Ahead Of Its Release

10.10.18 6 months ago

Sam Split

Yowler (real name Maryn Jones) earned herself some fans after the release of her 2015 record The Offer (and even more following its re-release last year). Soon, she’ll return with its follow-up, Black Dog In My Path. That album comes out on Friday, and it was preceded by the songs “WTFK,” “Angel,” and “Where Is My Light?,” all of which showed that Jones is capable of nailing a lot of different sounds. She’s definitely teased a diverse album, and if you can’t wait a couple days to listen to it, it’s now streaming ahead of its release.

Jones previously discussed the origin of the album’s name, saying it’s derived from urban legends from the Isle Of Man (which is also where the Bee Gees are from, by the way):

“My family comes from this island off the coast of Scotland called the Isle Of Man. It’s this tiny, tiny island, and I believe that they originally practiced Paganism way, way, way, way back because people have been living there so long that they don’t know where they originated from, like which continent. So they’re actually their own nationality. They’re called Manx. Anyway, I decided one day that I wanted to look up stuff about the island and learn what happened there and what their beliefs were, and what kind of people live there because it’s cool to think about where you’re from.

I was reading up on some urban legends and stories and there was some imagery that was really inspiring to me. One of the concepts was this black dog that is seen around the island. To some people it’s a bad omen and then to other people it’s like a protective sign. There’s this story about a fisherman or something who’s about to go out on his boat and he sees this black dog blocking the way and so he doesn’t go out [on the water]. And then there’s this huge storm. So [the title represents] both — it’s like a warning and a protection to not go where you shouldn’t go, don’t go to the sad dark place.”

Listen to Black Dog In My Path above.

Black Dog In My Path is out 10/12 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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