If You Aren’t Familiar With Yowler’s Gripping Noise-Folk Yet, Make Sure To Catch This Reissue

Contributing Writer

The chances that you caught Yowler the first time around are slim. The solo project Maryn Jones is several degrees removed from the mainstream and it’s likely that people who heard it were already fans of her beloved but niche indie acts All Dogs and Saintseneca. But Yowler’s noisy folk sound is so good that everyone involved felt like giving you another shot at hearing it. That’s why Yowler’s debut album The Offer is coming back around again in a deluxe reissue courtesy of Double Double Whammy.

In addition the eight original tracks on the album, the reissue includes two new songs from Jones “Tornado Warning” and “Go.” The latter — which you can hear up top — deals with being unable to pull yourself out of a terrible situation, painting the instance with all the hellfire and brimstone of a preacher sweating through a $4000 suit. Give it a play or six and check out the new, extended tracklist for The Offer below.

1. “Water”
2. “Bedroom Wall”
3. “Yowler”
4. “Holidays”
5. “7 Towers”
6. “Belle”
7. “In The Bathroom”
8. “The Offer”
9. “Tornado Warning”
10. “Go”

The Offer is available for pre-order via Double Double Whammy. Snag a copy of the album’s first-ever pressing on vinyl (or keep it cassette, if you want to hew to the original release) right here.

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