Zach Braff Is Being Called ‘Racist’ After Comparing Pharrell To A Monkey

You may not like Zach Braff because Scrubs went on for too long (not his fault), or the sickly twee-ness of Garden State (admit it, you liked the movie at one point), or the Kickstarter fiasco (I got nothing here). But “he’s racist” isn’t a good reason, no matter how loudly certain websites scream at you. During the Grammys, one-half of the WORLD’S MOST GIANT DOCTOR tweeted a side-by-side image of his monkey character from Oz the Great and Powerful and Bellboy Pharrell:

Is Braff being “amazingly racist” here? No, of course not. He was making the same joke everyone else did, except replacing “Grand Budapest Pharrell” with a picture of a character he voiced that was also dressed as a bellboy. Braff still felt he had to apologize, though.

Now, if he had called Pharrell “chocolate bear” out of context, that might have been weird.