Zayn Malik Will Be Telling His Life Story At 23

09.14.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

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Celebrity memoirs in modern times have become as ubiquitous as a Kim K selfie or A-lister drama involving Taylor Swift. While this seems to have simply fallen under the job description of today’s stars, it also appears to include young starlets whose frontal lobes haven’t even fully developed yet. From Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber, young Hollywood feels the need to tell their life stories before being able to legally rent a car. Joining this ever growing list of premature full disclosure is former One Directioner, Zayn Malik.

Set to be released November 1, Malik claimed he was driven to write his autobiography so his fans “can judge [him] on [his] own terms, not on what the press or anyone else says.”

Though it feels a bit hasty to be penning a tell-all at 23, the young pop star has had quite the turbulent life. Beyond the whirlwind of being a part of the beloved boy band, One Direction, beginning at age 17, Malik has also dealt with a broken engagement, animosity with former bandmates and public cases of crippling anxiety.

The “Pillowtalk” singer-songwriter has repeatedly canceled shows this summer citing “extreme anxiety around major live solo performances.”

Penguin Random House are the publishing group behind Malik’s “first autobiography” which will be aptly titled, Zayn.

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