These Real-Life Political Scandals Were Too Disastrous For Even Olivia Pope To Handle

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Ooooooooh! Everybody loves a political scandal. Well, provided they’re not among those entangled in it or the subject matter is too horrific and the like. (Heck, even those caveats can’t keep people away.) It’s not the most elegant look, but we all seem to be drawn to the muck. There’s no shame in being obsessed with these sorts of things, although it is the sort of stuff that keeps major political players up at night.

America is currently in the grip of this year’s race for the White House and history has shown that it’s not uncommon for a blockbuster scandal (think Gary Hart) to rock the political landscape. These are the sort of situations where a candidate’s team would love like to ring up Scandal‘s Olivia Pope for advice, but the dual factors of Olivia being a fictional character (despite being based on a real person) and finding yourself boned beyond belief will do your cause zero favors.

As a public service, we’ve compiled a collection of four salacious U.S. political scandals into one video for you to visit/revisit. All your favorite scandal mainstays are packed into this thing too: Sex! Money! Undercover FBI agents! If you’re running for the White House (howdy Hilary, Bernie and Donald!), you might want to take some notes on how things like yachts, sheikhs and sex clubs could sink your presidential plans.

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