A California Woman Is In Deep Trouble Over What She Claims Were ‘Stupid Pranks’

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Kathy Rowe was really hoping to buy her dream home one day. Her world came crumbling down when a couple came to the neighborhood and bought the house away from her. The purchase motivated Rowe to react with what she describes as “stupid pranks.” Authorities and the couple seem to think of her reaction a little differently. From ABC News:

Rowe was arrested in October 2012 when she was accused of harassing a couple who bought the house in the upscale Carmel Valley neighborhood that she had also placed an offer on, according to the criminal complaint. Rowe was devastated when she lost her “forever home,” and began playing mean tricks on the husband and wife, including stopping their mail and sending strangers to their home, according to prosecutors.

Rowe is accused of signing the wife up for sex ads online, including one she titled “Carmel Valley Freak Show,” encouraging visitors to drop by unannounced while her husband is at work, according to court documents. She allegedly told men who responded to the listings to push their way inside the home, and gave men the couple’s new address.

One man responded to the ad and showed up at the couple’s doorstep, according to court documents.

When random men are trying to “push their way” into the house, things have evolved past the realm of silly pranks. The entire mess is a depressing situation all around, with Rowe claiming to have wanted the house to help her disabled daughter and husband who is recovering from a heart attack.

Rowe was arrested back in 2012 and recently had her felony charges reinstated after an alleged error upon appeal. If convicted, Rowe could get at least nine years in prison. That’s a lot of hard time for a “stupid prank.” It’s like something out of Serial Mom.

(Via ABC News)

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