A Group Of 4th Graders Allegedly Plotted To Kill Their Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

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4th grader plots to kill teacher with hand sanitizer

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When I was in nine years old, I’m almost positive the worst thing I ever did in retaliation to a teacher was pout and throw my Lisa Frank erasers on the floor. That bratty charade is NOTHING compared to what a few students at Elba Elementary School in Elba, New York have been accused of doing. According to police officials, three fourth graders allegedly plotted to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer because she “was mean”:

Three students, all girls, are accused of planning to put hand sanitizer on different items the teacher would touch. That teacher is highly allergic to hand sanitizer, and police say the students knew this would hurt the teacher.

Sheriff’s deputies and other officials met with the children accused of the plot and their parents. At least one parent said the children knew the teacher could become very sick from contact with hand sanitizer, according to the incident report.

One of the mothers said after learning about the plan, she contacted the school. Another set of parents said they knew about it as well, but did not tell anyone.

Kind of odd that that one set of parents said nothing at all. I’d think a thoroughly thought-through plan like that would raise some red flags. They’re just lucky that the police decided they had no legal standing to charge the kids:

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office has closed their case after finding no crime had been committed. Because the plot was never carried out, police say the students are not facing charges.

“Because nothing had happened, with the juvenile laws the way they are in the state of New York, for a person under the age of 16 to be charged with something, they have to commit either a misdemeanor or a felony,” said Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster.

Criminal charges would’ve likely been too excessive, but here’s hoping the school doled out an appropriate form of punishment to these scheming kids. That’s just mean as can be.

(Via Huffington Post and WKBW)

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