Alaskan Social Media Spambot Is Angry About Something, Again


When word got out that the Michelle Obama had invited rapper Common to a White House event celebrating American poetry on Wednesday, you just knew that the conservative noise machine would latch onto it like flies to a fresh mound of horsesh*t. Because that’s what they do — lay in wait like snakes in the grass looking to strike at some bit of slow-moving prey that they can then use to tap into the prejudices, fears and insecurities of their base of simpletons. The modern GOP has little to no substance to hang its hat on. It’s like they’re keeping a fire going without ever putting any wood in it — they just toss some fuel on it to keep the fire burning every now and then. It’s all about symbolism, words and images they use to stir passions — still taking pages right out of the Lee Atwater playbook — and God bless ’em, they do it exceptionally well.

So the Daily Caller posted some of Common’s lyrics, including a passage about a desire to “burn a Bush.” Of course, the message they were trying to convey was crystal clear: “Ohhh, look, the scary black president and his scary black wife are having a scary black man who wanted to murder President Bush over to the White House. What a disgrace! You should be outraged. Hide your children before the Obamas and Common the rapper try to burn them alive!”

And, of course, Sarah Palin, Lord of the Stupid, weighed in via Twitter, because that’s what Sarah Palin does — she appears to exist only to fire off angry missives on Facebook and Twitter about everything she feels President Obama and his wife are doing wrong, which is basically everything they do, without ever offering an actual solution to anything. This is the same Sarah Palin, after all, who recently attacked the first lady for having the audacity to champion breast-feeding and healthier meals for kids. She’s basically nothing more than a c*nty social media spambot with big hair and a snuff reality TV show.

This is what happens when idiots attempt to interpret art.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin loves Ronald Reagan, and Ronald Reagan once had Steven Spielberg over to the White House as his guest. Now keep in mind that Steven Spielberg is the same guy who produced a movie about Africans enslaved on a ship (Amistad) and one about Nazis terminating Jews during WWII (Schindler’s List).  So I ask you, Sarah Palin, why did Ronald Reagan invite a man to the White House who endorsed slavery and the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust? Huh, Sarah Palin, do you have an explanation for that?

Who am I kidding, none of this is literal enough for her to be able to wrap her wee brain around. I just wish she’d go the f*ck away…forever.

(Gif via Warming Glow)

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