Alec Baldwin Lashes Out At John Oliver And Stephen Colbert For Turning Late Night Shows Into ‘Grand Juries’

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12.07.17 15 Comments

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Alec Baldwin can’t seem to stay away from Twitter. He claimed to be leaving the platform after comments about Rose McGowan and her allegations against Harvey Weinstein. He left his personal account at the time and decided to keep to the Hilaria And Alec Baldwin Foundation account. Only to “continue to post re our work w the arts and environment.”

Of course, that afternoon Baldwin used the account to break from that and respond to Asia Argento’s criticism of him before blocking her. Since then, he has used the account to retweet Michael Rappaport’s criticism of John Oliver grilling of Dustin Hoffman and post his own criticism of both Oliver and Stephen Colbert.

Baldwin addressed Oliver questioning Hoffman on Monday, prompting him to post a tweet chastising the host and Colbert for turning the late night interview circuit into “grand juries”:

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