Anderson Cooper Can Barely Hide His Annoyance For Kellyanne Conway And Her Smiley-Faced Spinning

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11.06.16 16 Comments

As the election draws to a close, the stoic-and-steady Anderson Cooper is losing his patience for Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Last week, he got confrontational with her over the smile-and-spin routine. On Sunday night, she irritated the hell out of him while discussing James Comey’s second letter to Congress in a matter of weeks regarding the FBI’s renewed probe on Clinton-related emails. The bureau cleared Clinton for the second time of any criminal wrongdoing over her private email server.

Conway appeared to disagree with Cooper, or maybe not? It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking when she constantly deflects and smiles like a cyborg. Someone made a Westworld comparison a few days ago, which is marvelous.

Her argument revolved around how the Democrats have released criticism “like a nuclear device against this guy” over the probe. Cooper asked if the Trump campaign will return to slamming Comey after the probe’s resolution, especially since Trump “has been implying that the FBI is part of the rigged system” that he keeps rambling about. Conway insisted that “many people feel” that the FBI is rigged, and Cooper shut her down: “People feel lots of ways, it doesn’t make it true.”

Cooper then called Trump “irresponsible” for drawing conclusions of “a criminal trial” for Clinton despite knowing nothing about the email probe. Conway retorted about how Clinton is the “irresponsible” one, which forced Cooper to ask, “If everybody jumped off a bridge, doesn’t mean you should, too. Don’t you think it is irresponsible?”

Despite Cooper essentially finishing Conway off by the 3:00 mark in the above clip, she robotically continued to smile and spin for ten more minutes. They also clashed over Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald’s stunning dog whistle over “certain groups” receiving more time to vote. This, of course, isn’t accurate because keeping polls open for people standing in line would benefit no “group” in particular, nor would it favor any party. Cooper had enough: “Don’t facts matter?”

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