Ann Coulter Put A Cap On Her Election Season By Tweeting White Supremacist Rhetoric To Support Trump

11.08.16 2 years ago 15 Comments

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During the final lap of this election season, Ann Coulter’s particular brand of noise may have appeared to lessen, but that’s only because the rest of the world has gone bonkers too. In actuality, her unconditional Trump cheerleading has continued unabated, even in the face of recent blows, including being burned at Rob Lowe’s roast and getting mocked by Bill Maher for how she ignores reality. Well, Coulter wasn’t deterred at all. She simply saved up her energy to launch some final attacks before the big day.

Coulter spent the day of election eve issuing a “closing argument” for Trump’s candidacy to Sean Hannity. Among other doom and gloom utterances, Coulter declared that Hillary Clinton would spell, “The end of America, there is no point in caring about politics anymore. There’s no point to what you do, I do, Fox News, talk radio, the entire country becomes California.” She then spent the evening tweeting racially charged rhetoric. Coulter somehow topped herself with this one: “If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide.”

Coulter’s wording may sound familiar to anyone who’s aware of the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany, which defined a Jew as “anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents.” Yet Coulter “clarified” for anyone who didn’t understand how she was counting.

Folks tried to tell Coulter that her requirements for voting would eliminate Trump himself from voting.

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