Ann Coulter Claims She’s More Willing To Blame Houston’s ‘Lesbian Mayor’ Than Climate Change For Hurricane Harvey

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08.29.17 5 Comments

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If it wasn’t bad enough to read through coverage of Hurricane Harvey coverage and feel a sense of dread for those forced to abandon their homes to rising water, now we get to discuss Ann Coulter’s views on the situation. While Ted Cruz and Joel Osteen were beacons for outrage on Monday, Coulter has popped up to say something terrible regarding the hurricane. She prefaces it by saying she doesn’t believe it, then goes on to say it is more plausible that Harvey’s impact is the result of God’s wrath for “Houston electing a lesbian mayor” than blaming climate change.

Coulter is referring to Annise Parker, the first openly lesbian individual to be mayor in Houston until stepping down in 2016. And to be fair, Coulter has not hidden her stance on the LGBT community, making many offensive anti-LGBT comments in the past. This includes her claim that gay marriage is “not a civil right” because gay couples are “not black,” and attempting to make the case that homosexuality is a public health risk during 2013 Fox News appearance:

“If we have to worry about the smokers because of Obamacare, I think you have to do something about the gay bathhouses,” Coulter said, “because AIDS is expensive. And if I’m paying for it, how about discouraging that behavior?”

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