Ann Coulter’s Obamacare Replacement Rant Shows That Even She’s Not A Fan Of The Trumpcare Bill

03.08.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Ann Coulter, who enjoys trolling almost everyone, may have reached her limit, or perhaps the Obamacare replacement rollout is more chaotic than the GOP could have ever imagined. On Monday evening, the party introduced their bill, which swiftly revealed itself to be a series of tax credits that seemed destined to increase premiums, although the replacement (as is) likely won’t survive all of the Congressional hoop jumping required to become law.

One person who doesn’t worry about being called out is Coulter. She proudly celebrated Donald Trump’s immigration policies and rang in his victory with a series of white supremacist tweets. So, it does come as a surprise to see that Coulter really isn’t a fan of how the repeal directly took on abortion, which she believes could be a death knell to acceptance of the bill.

Coulter pointed out more flaws and then decided that Obamacare should stick around for members of Congress (who didn’t use it in the first place).

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