Anthony Scaramucci Turns Into ‘The Mooch’ Right Before Your Eyes In A Heated ‘Real Time’ Interview

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02.03.18 12 Comments

Conservative commentator and former Bush White House speechwriter David Frum is clearly no fan of Anthony Scaramucci. Frum has been anti-Trump for quite a while, earning him praise with the #Resistance despite his questionable past, but it really comes through here as he coaxes “The Mooch” out of the mild-mannered television version of Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci almost seems docile and level-headed when he first arrives onto the Real Time set for a friendly chat with Bill Maher. They joke about Donald Trump‘s lawsuit against Maher for claiming he is the “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan,” and he even has a nice rapport going with fellow guest Donna Brazile. But then Frum gets personal:

“I have a question for you. Before you went into government, you received an enormous offer from a Chinese group, for the purchase of your company, $90 million, and after you came out the purchasers lost interest. How am I to understand that?”

As Scaramucci protested that the question was “factually inaccurate” and started to explain something about Treasury Department approval, Maher tossed him a lifeline and said, “Okay, this is a different show…nobody knows what you’re talking about and nobody cares.”

The Mooch would let go of the bone. “It’s a set-up question,” he continued, despite Maher’s attempts to steer the course. “He’s trying to suggest that they were buying into the lobbying…I curse a lot but I don’t curse on TV but that’s b.s.”

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