Are You Still Trying To Quit Smoking?

12.09.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

It’s tough to be a smoker these days, what with everyone trying to stop us from vacationing in Flavor Country. First it was bars and restaurants, then it was colleges and universities, and now it’s cities and entire states. Next thing you know, government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration will try to stop you from getting your nicotine fix, and that day has arrived, my yellow-teethed comrades.

The FDA recently tried to block the importing of eCigarettes, a new anti-smoking tool that allows smokers to inhale vaporized puffs of nicotine without the disgusting smoke and carcinogens. Instead, the Washington DC Circuit Court ruled that a January decision by a federal judge stands and the makers can import these eCigarettes without FDA interference and market them as “smoking pleasure” devices. But don’t fret, FDA. There’s bound to be another Accutane coming up for approval and we can all sit back and watch more people lose their colons. Allegedly.

Meanwhile, for the masses trying to kick their smoking habits for that whole “good health” reason, it has always been believed that quitters are more susceptible to depression during their initial withdrawal from tobacco products. Well, guess again, psychotherapists! A psychologist is releasing a study in the journal of Nicotine & Tobacco Research (what, you don’t subscribe?) that proves that smokers are happier when they quit and sadder when they return to the habit. Much like a nun that experiences Las Vegas.

Finally, the city of Ottawa (that’s in Canada, thankyouverymuch) recently showed the world of tobacco a thing or two about quitting. City officials spent more than $3.6 on a new program that was set to change the warning labels on packs of cigarettes to elaborate on the dangers of smoking. Too bad they squashed the whole thing. That’s $3.6 million down the drain. That’s money that could have paid for an entire hockey team to take lessons on how to play a real sport.


  • The FDA tried to stop the importing of eCigarettes, turns out they were just blowing smoke. (Courthouse News)
  • People who quit smoking are happier than people who keep inhaling delicious cigarettes. [With Video] (ABC News)
  • Ottawa shows quitters how it’s really done, pisses $3.6 million away. (Montreal Gazette)



  • A recent study shows that teenagers who are allowed to watch movies with mature subjects are more likely to smoke than those whose parents are nerds. Seriously, though, it’s great that money is still being spent on studies by the Institute of Obvious Stuff. (US News)
  • Another study suggests that people who smoke may be subjected to thinning of the brain. I would tell you what that is but I just finished a pack of cigarettes and me no think so good right now. (MSNBC)



  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in both men and women, and the biggest cause for both is smoking. 90% of men with lung cancer got it from smoking, whereas 80% of women got it from puffing away. So maybe don’t smoke ’em if you got ’em. (Smoking Statistics)
  • In 2005, cigarette sales dropped 4.2% from the previous year, marking the largest decrease in U.S. history. In fairness, it was because a lot less people were having sex. (Health Beam)


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