Accused 19-Year-Old Florida Killer Austin Harrouff’s Condition Is Reportedly ‘Rapidly Deteriorating’

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09.08.16 5 Comments

Nearly a month has passed since 19-year-old Florida State University sophomore Austin Harrouff was found by police gnawing on the corpse of 59-year-old John Stevens, who he is accused of killing along with Stevens’ wife Michelle Mishcon, and we still have more questions than answers. Unfortunately we may never have answers to those questions, as Harrouff remains in critical condition and is reportedly “rapidly deteriorating,” according to his father Wade Harrouff.

Following his appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil, which finally aired Wednesday afternoon, Harrouff spoke with reporters to give an update on his son’s condition. He says Austin has a severe case of pneumonia and still suffers from severe burns to his esophagus from whatever chemicals he may have ingested at the murder scene.

“My son is not doing well. He can open his eyes. He can raise his finger. He can squeeze my hand. He can’t talk. He is unresponsive,” Wade Harrouff told The Palm Beach Post on Wednesday after his interview with Dr. Phil was shown on national television.

Harrouff is convinced that a psychological breakdown was the cause for his son committing the gruesome murders, telling Dr. Phil, “That’s what I believe, he had the symptoms for about two weeks prior. I just thought he’d snap out of it. He went from a happy person to can’t sleep, pacing the floors. He could barely work, he’s tired, there’s no question he had mental problems.” He later expressed guilt for not catching his son’s abnormal behavior sooner.

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