‘Face Eating’ Accused Murderer Austin Harrouff Gave An Interview With Dr. Phil Set To Air This Week

News & Culture Writer

Former FSU student, 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was finally charged on October 3 with two counts of first degree murder for the brutal killings of a Florida couple, 59-year-old John Stevens and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon back in August, due to the fact that the accused suspect remained in a coma for weeks following the murders. And now the already bizarre and tragic case is taking yet another bizarre turn, because several media outlets are reporting that just days before his formal arrest, Harrouff gave a phone interview with Dr. Phil which is set to air this Friday.

Harrouff’s father, Wade Harrouff, previously gave a televised interview on the Dr. Phil show less than two weeks after the night his son was found mutilating the corpse of John Stevens. This time Stevens’ son John Stevens IV is speaking out, calling the accused murderer of his father a “monster.”

“I’ve never seen a black or minority suspect with such an inherent sympathetic spin (as Harrouff is getting),” he said. “They make him seem as sympathetic as possible because he’s privileged and white, and it’s really and really sad.”

“We all live in a time when we’re cynical about media and law enforcement,” he said. “My reaction is general disgust. I really hope people can use their brains and see that (Harrouff) is a monster,” Stevens said.

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