Twitter Marks Barack Obama Hitting The 10 Million User Milestone With A Highlight Reel Of His Best Tweets

08.20.16 3 years ago

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President Obama is about six months away from no longer living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, which means his days of celebrating Presidential milestones are numbered. Sometimes, he’s not even aware of these celebrations until they happen.

Saturday was one of those moments, as Twitter tweeted out a surprise video commemorating Obama’s best moments on their social media platform in honor of him reaching the 10 million follower mark. Obviously, Obama retweeted it. The milestone is impressive considering Obama only just joined Twitter in 2015. While the President may have got a late start on firing off his hottest 140 character takes, once he finally signed up he certainly hit the ground running; he become the owner of the Guinness World Record for fastest Twitter account to reach a million followers.

The review in POTUS Twitter history thanks Obama for his “incredible tweets,”

Included in the mash-up of moments is video of Barack first joining Twitter, tweeting an invitation to the White House to ‘Clock Boy,’ and congratulating his wife, Michelle Obama, on the tremendous speech she gave at this years Democratic convention.

Reaching the ten million mark is pretty cool, but it isn’t all good news for Mr.President — he’ll have to pass on the account to the next POTUS. Handing Donald Trump the nuclear codes may be bad, but giving him your Twitter password? That would be rough. Once Obama passes the @POTUS baton he’ll go back to exclusively tweeting from his personal account, which has a whopping 76 million followers.

(Via Mashable)

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