An ‘Embarrassed’ Ben Carson Asks For A GOP Huddle Before The Next Debate

03.01.16 2 years ago
Ben Carson Makes Announcement About Seeking Republican Presidential Nomination

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Ben Carson is trying so very hard to make his mark on this GOP race. On Monday, he penned an op-ed about why he’s continuing to run for president, despite not doing so hot in the first four primaries. And on Super Tuesday, Carson is calling on all the Republican candidates to bring civility back to the race, and wants them to have a meeting about it.

Here’s a press release about the proposed meeting:

Carson calls the personal attacks that have characterized pretty much all of the GOP debates as evidence that “this race has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of embarrassment on the world stage.” Carson therefore wants to meet with Trump, Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio to discuss uniting together to discuss “substantive issues” during the next debate on Thursday, so that the Democrats don’t beat them during the general election.

Who wants to bet that this meeting won’t happen, what with the other candidates personally attacking each other every chance they get? If it does, though, Carson will need to get a bigger closet than the one that he and Ted Cruz had a disastrous meeting in, recently.

Since that meeting was about the Cruz campaign misleading voters into believing that Carson had dropped out ahead of the Iowa Caucus, I can see how Carson is upset about how nasty the 2016 presidential race has become. It doesn’t seem like things will change, though, at this point.

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