‘The Daily Show’ Decides To Feel The Bern With ‘The Legend Of Bernie Sanders’

Entertainment Editor

For some, Bernie Sanders has appeared out of the ether to challenge Hillary Clinton’s once inevitable bid for the Democratic nomination. But in recent polls, he’s taken the lead or substantially closed the gap as the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses near. If you haven’t been feeling the Bern, you may be wondering where this Larry David look-alike came from and what he stands for. Luckily, The Daily Show has you covered.

Like any good legend, Trevor Noah goes all the way back to the beginning and explains the origin of Bernie Sanders. He briefly touches on Sanders’ middle-class upbringing in Brooklyn, the Bern’s rise to political power in Vermont, and finally, Sen. Sanders’ surprisingly infectious singing voice (which is probably the third most important thing you look for in a POTUS).

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