Bernie Sanders Will Join Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire Today With An Expected Endorsement

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Bernie Sanders may have finally closed the book on his campaign, although who knows what the day will bring. The Bern will be appearing at a joint rally with Hillary Clinton Tuesday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is expected the Vermont senator will endorse Clinton at the event.

Up until this point, Sanders has not said anything official about the status of his campaign or endorsing Clinton. Clinton and Sanders had a typically tense relationship on the campaign trail, and it seemed he was possibly going to hold out until the Democratic National Convention. He’s been coy about his decision, but that mood may soon end.

It seems the main sticking point for Sanders was the fact he wanted Clinton to embrace some of his platforms. The Guardian reported Sanders met with Democratic officials over the weekend to adopt some of his core issues — including minimum wage, climate change and marijuana — to the Democratic policy platform. The agenda for this party convention should be of public interest, as this compromise seems to be an olive branch for Sanders and his supporters. Clinton has started to embrace some of his platforms over the last few weeks. Sanders believes this new agenda will help bring the party together:

“We have made enormous strides. Thanks to the millions of people across the country who got involved in the political process – many for the first time – we now have the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party.”

Clinton gaining Sanders’ endorsement could help her in the polls. Her recent email controversy hasn’t done much to help matters, but gaining Sanders and his supporters’ endorsement could assist her come November.

(Via The Guardian)

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