Bernie Sanders Is Not Immune To The Charms Of ‘Hamilton’

04.11.16 3 years ago
Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Las Vegas

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Bernie Sanders has been up to a lot in New York City lately, talking about Hillary being condescending with CNN, and also getting to see the hottest hip-hop Broadway show in town, Hamilton.

According to Mashable, Sanders and his wife Jane caught the Friday-night performance of this musical, with many other theatergoers taking selfies and candid shots with the senator and posting them to social media. As if winning the Hamilton lottery wasn’t enough.

Here’s more information on the Sanders’ seats:

He and Jane sat in house seats for the performance, which are usually reserved for public figures. According to a campaign spokesperson they paid for the tickets themselves — $167 each.

Must be nice to be a presidential candidate.

The New York Times interviewed people who were watching the show with Bernie. Here’s a testimonial from one Abigail Kass:

“I was sitting in the upper orchestra and all of a sudden I saw people standing and freaking out and at first I thought the show was starting early,” Ms. Kass said. “But then I heard someone whisper ‘Bernie,’ and I looked down and there was this crowd of people. And I could see the top of his head, which is very recognizable, and it’s Bernie Sanders.”

Must be nice.

(Via Mashable and New York Times)

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