Bernie Sanders Makes The Bold Decision To Be The Only Presidential Candidate To Skip AIPAC Conference

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03.19.16 6 Comments
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For those of you keeping track, mid March has proven to be one of the most taxing periods for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Or at least that’s according to the news media, which has carried stories about President Barack Obama’s alleged support of rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ rejection of said report’s suggestion that he drop out, and footage of his abruptly walking out of an interview in Arizona. The latest kink in the armor? New that Sanders will be the only major presidential candidate still standing not to attend the 2016 American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting.

The Sanders campaign broke the news to Politico and several other outlets, who reported that the longtime Vermont senator wouldn’t be able to speak at AIPAC due to concurrent events scheduled throughout the American west.

“I would very much have enjoyed speaking at the AIPAC conference. Obviously issues impacting Israel and the Middle East are of the utmost importance to me, to our country and to the world,” Sanders, who is Jewish, wrote to AIPAC President Robert Cohen. “Unfortunately, I am going to be traveling throughout the West and the campaign schedule that we have prevents me from attending.”

The Intercept added that Sander’s letter included a note about the conference’s decision “not to permit candidates to address the conference remotely.” The presidential hopeful offered to send Cohen a copy of his speech in the hopes that the organization would distribute copies to attendees.

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