Don’t Attempt To Faceswap With Bill Clinton, It Will Cause Him To Panic

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04.09.16 2 Comments
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If the gritty 1997 documentary Face/Off has taught us anything (aside from Castor Troy’s views on assorted forms of peaches), it’s that having your face switched with someone else’s can be a terrifying experience. Potential First Gentleman Bill Clinton experienced this horror himself in New York City. No, he didn’t have his face cut off on orders from Nicolas Cage. That’d be a slightly more pressing bit of news. It seems the 42nd President of the United States of America was spooked by an encounter with the Snapchat insta-staple face swap.

AOL spoke with business student Ivan Olivo who had a confused former Commander-In-Chief asking what the hell was going on when he showed him a face swapped pic of the two together. The identity switching selfie was taken at the United Federation of Teachers building where Bill was supporting wife Hillary Clinton’s White House bid. Here’s the picture in question.

After taking the pic, Olivo faced a question that people traditionally aren’t likely to receive from a former President.

“As I was talking the selfie, he looked a little confused but went along with it. Afterwards, I put my phone down to add a caption and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and Bill asked me, ‘What did you do to my face?'”

Understandably, Olivo got sweaty and nervous while trying to answer the “what did you do to my face?” question. He noted that Clinton “still seemed angry” while hearing the explanation, but Olivo was bailed out by Secret Service agents that explained that the face swap was just something kids do these days. That seemed to smooth things out and no one left the event without the face they came in with. A victory for everybody, really.

(via AOL)

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