Bill Maher Calls His Use Of The N-Word A ‘Comedian’s Mistake’ While Addressing Ice Cube’s Criticism From ‘Real Time’

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07.16.17 6 Comments


Bill Maher clearly took it on the chin after using the n-word on Real Time a few weeks back. The comedian faced hefty criticism for what he called a bad joke and was forced to apologize on Real Time the following week. HBO also faced pressure to fire Maher from hosting Real Time, citing this incident and his longtime stance on Muslims as examples of the comedian crossing the line.

The show that followed featured a full slate of guests that addressed the incident, including Michael Eric Dyson and Ice Cube. The hip hop star provided the stiffest response to Maher’s use of the n-word, something that stood out from the mass of criticism online and leaned closely to figures like Oprah Winfrey who tapped into the history of the world. And while the incident has been dormant thanks to the general will of the news cycle and Maher being on vacation at the moment, it did find time to appear during Maher’s “Table For Three” interview in The New York Times with Philip Galanes and Fran Lebowitz.

Galanes brings up the response to Maher’s controversy, curious if the comedian knew he has truly stepped in it. The response shouldn’t be a surprise:

BM No.

PG Really? Were you not looking at Twitter?

BM I think most people understood that it was a comedian’s mistake, not a racist mistake.

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