Bill Murray Hilariously Crashed The White House Press Briefing To Discuss The Cubs

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The West Wing veteran Allison Janney reprising her C.J. Cregg character at the White House Press Briefing last April was fun. Though it seems the staff weren’t content enough with one major celebrity appearance per calendar year, so they invited Mark Twain Prize for American Humor recipient Bill Murray to stop by and answer a few questions from reporters on Friday. You know, to discuss the day’s really important topics — like the Chicago Cubs.

“Mr. President do you think the Cubs will win?” one of Murray’s handlers asked after the comedy legend took the podium. Without missing a beat, future President of the United States Bill Murray answered in kind: “I feel very confident in Clayton Kershaw. He’s a great, great pitcher, but they’ve got too many sticks. They’ve got too many sticks.”

Seeing as how the Cubs are just one game away from earning their first ticket to the World Series since 1945, it’s understandable that Murray would don his team’s gear while visiting the White House. Besides, President Obama is more of a White Sox fan, so why not have a few friendly jabs between rivals in light of the current political climate?

(Via NBC News)

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