Bill O’Reilly Is Tweeting Now And Trying To Defend Trump’s Firing Of Comey, But He Conveniently Got An Important Fact Wrong

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About an hour before James Comey delivered his opening remarks to the Senate Intelligence Committee in a public hearing, fired Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly declared his intention to live-tweet the matter. “I will be live tweeting the Comey testimony so alert the media! Wait, I am the media,” the podcaster quipped, “please alert your friends.” Much of what followed in O’Reilly’s live-tweeted extravaganza shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who had watched at least one episode of The O’Reilly Factor in its heyday, but the former talking head dug himself into a particularly deep hope when he flubbed the dates of Comey’s firing.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked Comey whether or not he “showed copies of [his] memos to anyone outside of the Depatment of Justice,” and if so, who he showed them to. Citing the president’s tweeted threat about there possibly being “tapes,” Comey said he thought “there might be corroboration” between his written memos and such tapes. The led him to determine he “[needed] to get that out into the public square,” and he asked a friend at Columbia University to share the content of a memo with a reporter. “That might prompt the appointment of a special counsel,” Comey concluded.

Whether or not Comey’s leaks did in fact prompt Robert Mueller’s appointment remains to be seen, but O’Reilly was quick to latch onto the admission:

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