Bill O’Reilly Isn’t Sure Whether Trump Can Recover From His Apparent Refusal To Accept Election Results

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It’s an odd election cycle when Bill O’Reilly has become the voice of reason. On Thursday, the Fox News host was on WOR’s Len Berman and Todd Schnitt In The Morning, as reported by Mediaite, to say he isn’t sure Donald Trump can recover from his refusal to say he will accept the election results.

During the final presidential debate, Trump remained mum on whether he would admit defeat if he lost the election, which runs against political traditions and the US Constitution. He doubled down on his claim by saying he will only accept the election results if he wins. O’Reilly said this stubborn attitude will not do hm any favors, and he’s got an uphill battle ahead:

“I believe that Donald Trump had to really knock it out of the park last night and he didn’t do it because he got sidetracked on this rigged election thing. The press doesn’t like him, that’s a fact. So they’ll seize on that: ‘He’s not respecting the process.’ So that’s the mistake he made and I don’t know if he can recover from that”

O’Reilly has been giving Trump a hard time this election, telling him to pipe down over the rigged election claims, as they have no merit. He went on to say Trump has been only playing to his base, and that has hurt his chance of winning. Trump has tried to win over other supporters but never seemed comfortable of campaigning outside of his usual fanbase.

(Via Mediaite)

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