Could Donald Trump’s Success Mean More Wealthy Celebrity Presidential Candidates?

and 11.15.16 3 years ago 3 Comments


There’s no doubt that President-Elect Donald Trump’s celebrity and business success helped him stand out with voters who wanted something new in the 2016 election, but a major side-effect of his victory may well be that non-establishment types have a better shot at being taken seriously if they run for office. Whether that’s a positive or negative development remains to be seen, but for now, we decided to take a far-too-early look at a few celebrities and billionaires that might be a fit for 2020 or beyond.

Jon Stewart

Stewart seemingly quit The Daily Show because he had given enough of his soul to commenting on the political process so it’s hard to imagine that he’d want to hand over the rest of it by opening himself up to the effects of actually running for office or living through the arduous process of running the country. Still, the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear proves that Stewart can throw a good campaign event and that, along with his work for 9/11 first responders, shows that he has experience blurring the line between entertainer and activist.

Stewart will forever live in the hearts and minds of Gen Xers and senior Millennials as a voice of reason, authority, and hope for a bullsh*t free tomorrow — so there is built-in support. The question is, can that support overcome those that completely distrust liberal elites in the media? This election was many things and a repudiation of establishment media was high on the list. Stewart might be the antithesis of Trump (save for their shared affection for the WWE), but that might not be as much of an asset as it seems in this highly charged moment. – Jason Tabrys

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