The C-SPAN Online Feed Was Mysteriously Interrupted By RT (Russia Today) For About 10 Minutes

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01.12.17 2 Comments

Between the leaked Donald Trump dossier and the president-elect’s own CIA director pick calling U.S. intelligence on Russia’s alleged election hacking “sound,” the artist formally known as the Soviet Union has enjoyed a lot of coverage in the American media. Nor did this change Thursday afternoon when, according to Deadspin editor Timothy Burke, the raw online feed for C-SPAN was interrupted by RT (otherwise known as Russia Today) for around 10 minutes. Twitter was just as quick to accuse Burke of perpetrating a hoax as they were to joke about the matter, but per a new statement issued by C-SPAN, it seems the interruption actually happened.

Burke first reported the interruption at 2:40 p.m. ET, saying “the official C-SPAN online feed was briefly taken over by Russia Today, somehow.” Whether or not the raw feed had actually been “taken over” by the Russian-owned news service, however, was far more difficult to determine. What’s more, many lay Twitter users and fellow journalists who became aware of Burke’s tweets began accusing him of perpetrating a hoax.

JM Rieger, a producer at the Huffington Post, tweeted his own rip of C-SPAN’s video feed at the very moment Burke claimed the interruption occurred. “RT did not air on C-SPAN today, per recording below,” he noted. The moment in question featured Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, giving testimony.

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