Cable News Had No Trouble Roasting Rachel Maddow Over Her Trump Tax Return ‘Bombshell’

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03.15.17 12 Comments

The entirety of Tuesday night was eclipsed by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and her claim of a major scoop regarding “Trump tax returns.” Folks waited in popcorn-filled anticipation for the fabled Trump taxes, which he declined to release despite a decades-long candidate tradition of doing so. Even after Trump was elected, his opponents hoped that perhaps — just maybe — these returns would surface and reveal those pesky Russian-Trump ties that already run through significant areas of his administration.

What did Maddow’s report ultimately show? Unfortunately, nothing of much significance. This left people wondering what the big tease was all about. Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera (and former SNL star Norm MacDonald, along with many others) suspected that Trump planted pages of his 1040A because they made him look … sorta good? Like he paid taxes, at least.

And speaking of Geraldo …. there were lots of vault jokes like this on Twitter.

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