A Man Who Rescued A Rabbit From The California Wildfires Has Swiftly Reached Hero Status

News Editor
12.07.17 9 Comments

Firefighters have largely been fighting a losing battle against the Santa Ana winds while struggling to contain Southern California’s current crop of blazes, but there’s a small spark of good news amid the horror. Courtesy of NBC News, this eyewitness video shows a man who saw a rabbit disappear into brush alongside Highway 1 close to La Conchita on the edge of the Thomas wildfire, which has already swallowed over 90,000 acres in Ventura County.

As cars sped by, an unbelievable sight occurred. In the video clip, the man can be seen frantically jumping up and down while watching the rabbit. He knelt down while attempting to coax the rabbit away from the flames, and eventually, the creature scurried toward his arms, at which point, the man carried him to safety.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the man didn’t wish to speak to the press after the dramatic incident, but people would sure like to talk to him.

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