Can Our Zoos Save The Animal Race?

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11.04.10 3 Comments

A little while back I wrote a feature on endangered species that some animal experts called the greatest piece of Internet animal literature written by a handsome blogger of this or any other century. And since that posting, people around the world have been working their bipedal butts off to help save all kinds of species. In fact, prior to that feature, nobody on this planet was doing anything to save animals. I’m a hero. Feel free to recognize my efforts at your next sorority meeting. In the meantime, let’s reflect on some of the most recent outstanding efforts.

Thirteen-year-old Lun Lun the giant panda gave birth to her third offspring yesterday morning at Zoo Atlanta, and the proud mama and cub are doing great. There are only about 260 giant pandas in captivity, so each new panda birth is somewhat of a miracle for this endangered species. Especially considering that male pandas only have a small window in which to get busy, as panda mating experts put it, and they’re pretty lazy about getting their freak on. This fact makes Lun Lun’s birthing prowess so special. Or maybe she’s just a slut.

Meanwhile in Australia, mama Asian elephant Pak Boon – not to be confused with conservative American pop singer Pat Boone – gave birth to the Taronga Zoo’s first female Asian elephant calf. Previously, Pak Boon had given birth to a male calf, Luk Chai, with a different father, and the zoo had also administered the birth of two other male calves. All of these special animals are a part of the Australian Conservation Management Plan for Asian Elephants. Trust me, that plan is much better than the Australian Squandering Management Plan.

Back in the states, the people at the Detroit Zoo are also doing their part in saving a species… the mountain chicken frog. Frogs. Seriously, Detroit? Atlanta’s making pandas and Australia’s popping out elephants, but no, Detroit has to figure out a way to add more frogs to this world. Well, I guess it’s a start. Detroit is actually one of only five zoos that breeds these incredibly rare frogs that were once viewed as a fine cuisine. You know what else is a fine cuisine? Anything but frogs.


  • Panda mom gives birth to panda baby, missing panda dad is panda jerk. [With Live Video Feed] (GPB News)
  • Taronga Zoo announces birth of female Asian elephant. Go ahead, pick it up. (Huffington Post)
  • Detroit Zoo breeds rare frog. Good for you, Detroit. (Click On Detroit)



  • Police in India have uncovered an elephant smuggling and trading operation that could be a part of the largest illegal ring in Asia. Grown elephants are going for as much as $33,000, which makes me wonder if they’re getting their ton’s worth. (BBC)
  • More veterinary students are choosing to go the domestic route and helping pets, as opposed to hitting the farm and checking on the cows and pigs. Their reason? They don’t like to play with their food. (Washington Post)



  • Female giant pandas are only in heat for up to 25 days each spring, and during that time they’re only down to get freaky between 2 and 7 days, and they’re only actually fertile for 24 to 36 hours. Female pandas, so high maintenance. (How Stuff Works)
  • Of all the puppies and kittens that go missing and cause little kids to put up signs around the neighborhood, less than 2% actually find their way back to their owners. Wanna know what happens to the rest of the 98%? Then get your ass out there and you find that dog. (ASPCA)


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