Canada Subtweets The United States As The Election Outcome Hangs In The Balance

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11.08.16 2 Comments

As if Election Night wasn’t already stressful enough for both sides of the political spectrum, people all over the country watching the race unfold on Twitter now have the pleasure of also being subtweeted by Canada’s official Twitter account. As more and more states turned red on Tuesday night, Canada decided to remind everyone that their borders are open for all cultures and beliefs.

Nova Scotia got in on the “fun” as well with their own tweet and cartoon.

Although the tweet was meant to be purely humorous — or at least it seems that way — Canada is currently experiencing record high rates of suicide among its indigenous people and is coming under fire from critics for not supporting those populations near well enough considering the ongoing strife they are experiencing.

The big question though – does this tweet count as an open offer to Americans if this election goes poorly? Will people from the United States be encouraged to bring our greasy burgers and bad reality television across the border to merge with Canada’s snow and donuts?

People may wish it was as easy as hopping across the border, but Canada’s immigration site keeps crashing repeatedly. Looks like there are way more people than even Canada anticipated who want to take a long visit to America’s hat if Trump ascends to the presidency.

In the meantime, the election rolls on as does UPROXX’s election coverage. It’s still a long way from the finish line so catch up on all the updated results while votes continue to be tallied.

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