Watch The Canadian Parliament Descend Into A Delightful Argument Over Whether They Can Say ‘Fart’

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11.21.16 2 Comments

Canada, bar the occasional trainwreck mayor, is generally seen as an oasis of exceptionally polite sanity in a world generally seen as heading to hell in a handbasket. It’s a stereotype that all Canadians are polite, of course. Many are quite grumpy and rude! But the image is one their politicians seem happy to reinforce to the point where you can watch grown adults argue over whether or not you can say the word “fart” in Parliament.

We know what you’re thinking, but if this is a comedy skit, it’s an exceptionally engineered one. Conservative Party (think Republicans, but Canadian) Michelle Rempel, talking about her constituents in Alberta, complains that her province is seen as “the fart in the room,” and in the middle of her angry speech, she’s challenged by Green Party leader Elizabeth May over the use of the word “fart,” which she won’t even pronounce. Let’s just say it goes downhill from there, because by gum, we must establish proper standards of decorum in Parliament. By the way, let’s just say May doesn’t really have a lot of room to talk, when it comes to sloppy language.

Don’t worry, not all Canadian politicians are like this. Sometimes they arrive at their press conferences on Jet Skis! Or creepily hit on reporters! One time the future Prime Minister got into a boxing match with an opponent! Man, our politicians really need to step up their game in the weird department.

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