Charlie Sheen Is Adamant About Who 2016 Should Claim Next

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12.29.16 7 Comments

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Charlie Sheen may not be as prolific on Twitter as he was back in his tiger bloodiest WINNING (!) days, but he still tweets pretty regularly. These days however, it’s mostly just sharing personal photos with friends, reminiscing about Major League, or plugging his upcoming Crackle movie with Leah Remini. But that’s not to say Sheen doesn’t still have his moments now and then, as he did late Wednesday night in the wake of Debbie Reynolds tragically proceeding her daughter Carrie Fisher in death by just one day — the latest two casualties in what has seemed like an endless string of beloved celebrity deaths in 2016.

In short, Sheen did not mince words about who he thinks should be next on 2016’s roster.

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