Chicago Police Believe Apparent Footage Of A Man Shot During A Selfie Video Is Real

Film/TV Editor
04.03.16 2 Comments

Given this story’s close proximity to April Fool’s Day, many questioned its authenticity, but as details continue to stream forth, this tale appears to be all too real. A few days ago, a viral video professed to show a Chicagoan being shot as he took a “selfie” video. In the clip, he comments upon a convenience store behind him, which he jokes may be required as “somewhere to duck and hide for cover.” After several seconds of shaky footage, the man falls to the ground, and his camera phone spirals along with his body. Then the camera captures an apparent active shooter above the victim, whose footage continues to roll, as at least a dozen shots continue to fire.

The haunting clip appeared to capture a grisly scene where a victim was gunned down, although his fate remained unknown. The local Chicago media poked into events as they happened.

Chicago Tribune reporter Peter Nickeas, who spends his entire existence covering the city’s violence, reported that authorities took the clip seriously and commenced an investigation.

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