Chris Christie Gets Hit With A Criminal Summons For His Alleged Role In Bridgegate

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Donald Trump’s BFF (or at least he’d like to be), Chris Christie, is in some hot water in his home state of New Jersey. NBC News reports that a judge has found probable cause for a criminal complaint of official misconduct to be issued for Christie over the Bridgegate scandal.

On Thursday, Judge Roy McGeady issued the ruling, and now the case is in the hands of the Bergen County Prosecutors office, which will dig into the scandal that reportedly cost millions of dollars, all paid for by New Jersey taxpayers. While traffic snarls on the George Washington Bridge sound like a mere nuisance, lives were also at risk due to a lack of access by emergency services. Christie Spokesperson Brian Murray said the complaint against Christie has no merit, and they plan to fight it:

“[The] dishonorable complaint filed by a known serial complainant and political activist with a history of abusing the judicial system … The simple fact is the Governor had no knowledge of the lane realignments either before they happened or while they were happening. This matter has already been thoroughly investigated by three separate independent investigations.”

Activist Bill Brennan had filed the complaint after the 2013 traffic jams among the George Washington Bridge. Christie has repeatedly denied his involvement in the Bridgegate scandal, despite evidence that his aides were texting about his knowledge of the situation as it happened. Christie may eventually be indicted for his alleged role in the scandal.

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