Chris Christie Hilariously Refuses To Answer Questions About Donald Trump, But He Will Chastise The GOP

02.29.16 3 years ago

February has been a busy month for Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Following his campaign’s unsuccessful attempt to garner a significant percentage of the GOP vote in the New Hampshire Primary, Christie suspended his efforts to attain the nomination. Weeks later he endorsed Donald Trump during a bizarre press conference, gave an even more bizarre interview, then tried to return to state affairs on Monday with a press conference about his nomination nor the New Jersey Supreme Court. It didn’t go so well.

That’s because, despite his staff stressing that the governor wouldn’t answer any off-topic questions, the press in attendance asked such questions anyways. One reporter even prefaced his question by asking Christie’s permission. Obviously, it didn’t work.

“No. No. No, I won’t permit you to. I told you that there’s going to be only on-topic questions today, so permission denied.”

The reporter was never able to get to his intended question, which was probably about Trump, but we’ll never know for sure. Even a question about a non-Trump, off-topic state issue from another journalist was ignored by Christie when the matter was brought up during the Q&A.

At least Christie’s insistence on not answering questions gifted the internet with yet another GIF-able moment.

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