Another Hot Mic Snafu For Chris Matthews Reveals That He’s A Fan Of Melania Trump

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05.05.16 8 Comments

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Chris Matthews has done it again, folks. The host of MSNBC’s Hardball fell prey to another hot-mic incident and, in the process, revealed an unfortunate opinion about the ladies. Here, the lady just happened to be Melania Trump. Matthews is no stranger to hot-mic flubs. Previously, he and Hillary Clinton got caught while discussing Chris Christie and his hostage-face endorsement of Trump. Matthews sort of slammed Christie by saying the New Jersey governor was desperate for a political “future” and had no other way to move up in the world. Trump didn’t really notice or care about this incident, but he’s gonna have a field day with this next one.

Trump and Matthews also have a history, for the Hardball host is one of the only journalists who won’t let Trump evade difficult questions. Most recently, Matthews pressured Trump to articulate his stance on abortion. This is one issue that sees a lot of Trump wavering, but in this instance, the real-estate mogul said women should be punished for illegal abortions. Trump pointedly said “no” when Matthews asked if men should also be penalized for these abortions. This led to a mess of backtracking, and it had a lot to do with Trump’s unsavory opinions about women in general.

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