Leonardo DiCaprio Uses SXSL To Question President Obama And Future Leaders About Climate Change

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10.04.16 2 Comments

The Obama White House hosted its big South by South Lawn festival of ideas, art, and action yesterday. The event highlighted important issues facing Americans and the world as a whole — with talks, performances, film screenings, music, and good food. This year the festivities were capped off by Leonardo DiCaprio premiering his latest film, Before the Flood, after hosting a Q&A with President Obama and Texas Tech atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe about climate change and our future.

DiCaprio introduced the outgoing Commander in Chief as “A president who has done more for the environment than any other president in history.” Obama has indeed protected the most amount of land and sea since President Theodore Roosevelt, and he’s never shied away from diving into the fight to preserve the ecosystem. He even reinstalled President Carter’s White House solar panels that President Reagan had discarded (not the actual ones from the ’70s, new ones).

Youtube/White House

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