Hillary Clinton: Healthcare Costs Would ‘Skyrocket’ Under A Trump Presidency

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10.26.16 10 Comments

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While speaking to Miami radio station Hot 105 on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton addressed how heath care premiums have grown too high, but she believes they would be worse if Donald Trump had his way. Clinton’s comments after news that Obamacare premiums will increase 25 percent next year.

Over the past few days, Obamacare’s seen renewed criticism over how premium hikes affect the middle class, who largely cannot take advantage of subsidies. Bill Clinton said the program requires fixes while Donald Trump said his employees are having difficulties associated with the program (although he backtracked a bit from that statement). Still, others are worried they won’t have access to the coverage because of the hefty price tag. Clinton said she is aware of these concerns and will work to resolve them:

“Well, we’re going to make changes to fix problems like that. The president and I have talked about it, and look, this is a major step forward: 20 million people. And actually, I’m sure you noticed, predominantly working people, African American, Latino people now have access to insurance, but the costs have gone up too much.”

Clinton said, if elected, she would work on reducing premiums and look at prescription drug costs. But she is more concerned about what Trump is going to do to the health insurance marketplace if elected. Trump has decried Obamacare on the campaign trail, saying, like other Obama policies, he would repeal them within his first 100 days in office. He hasn’t offered a rebuttal of what his plan is all about, but remember he likes to keep people in suspense. Clinton said Trump’s plan of dismantling the current marketplace could be catastrophic:

“That’s the plan of my opponent — take everything away, give it all back to the insurance companies. And if you think costs have gone up with the recent weeks, it’ll just skyrocket up because insurance companies will be in charge again.”

Whoever comes out on top November 8, they will have a full plate to deal with, including the healthcare marketplace.

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