Hillary Clinton Forgets Bernie Sanders Was ‘Right Behind Her’ In The ’90s, But The Internet Remembers

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03.13.16 4 Comments
Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Flint

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The past week hasn’t seen amazing truths for Hillary Clinton. She stumbled into several inconsistencies during the Univision Democratic Debate. Now she’s sort-of apologized for honoring Nancy Reagan as a “very effective, low-key advocate” in the 1980s HIV and AIDS crisis. Some well-documented sources prove that Reagan did, in fact, ignore friend Rock Hudson’s pleas for help before his untimely death in 1985. Hudson wasn’t the only casualty in this fight. If only AIDS research had kickstarted years prior, who knows how many lives could have been saved. On Saturday, Clinton walked back her gratitude with an official statement:

“While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on HIV and AIDS. For that, I’m sorry.”

In Clinton’s defense, two decades have passed, and a lot has happened since then. However, Clinton also spent her Saturday speaking at St. Louis rally about rival Bernie Sanders. She alleged, “I don’t know where he was when I was trying to get healthcare in ’93 and ’94.”

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