Hillary Clinton Meets With Several VP Candidates At Her Home, And A New Prospect Has Emerged

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07.17.16 6 Comments

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Donald Trump officially named his Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, on Saturday morning. This was an anticlimactic event after a week full of strong hint dropping and a Thursday leak picked up by major media news outlets. Then there was a highly questionable logo (which has already disappeared) that created plenty of social media laughter, but Mike Pence is a safe choice. He’s the pick that could help Trump gain Republican establishment support, so now Hillary Clinton is free to counter this effect with her own VP selection.

Plenty of names — many of them juicy — have circulated as possible Clinton picks. She must find a candidate who will help her unite the Democratic party and recruit Bernie Sanders’ fans. She could also use someone to help her fend off the inevitable Trump attacks. Many voters believe Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren could fit that profile perfectly, but her scheduled DNC speaking spot (although it could change) may have shut down speculation that she is the chosen one.

Well, Clinton met with multiple VP hopefuls this weekend at her Washington, D.C. home. Warren was among these invitees, along with another person already under media consideration, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine’s name has circulated plenty over the past few weeks too, but CNN reports that Kaine was not present. One new, surprising name surfaced in the media fold — Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper:

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