Hillary Zings Trump Over His Complaints That His Debate Microphone Was ‘Rigged’ To Be Defective

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09.27.16 12 Comments

As the fallout from the first presidential debate continues, the candidates are giving their two cents about their prospective performances. Donald Trump told reporters after the event he had felt he was possibly given a defective microphone on purpose, a claim Hillary Clinton has laughed off.

While much of Trump’s performance was centered on his sniffing and interruptions, he’s a little bit mad no one noticed his defective microphone. How his microphone wasn’t working was not fully explained, but he alluded to it possibly being broken on purpose. This claim was made after he was asked about moderator Lester Holt’s performance, which he felt was “fine.” Never one to give up the spotlight, the Republican presidential nominee continued and said his microphone was broken and wondered if it was done on purpose:

Trump has let his vengeance out on microphones in the past, as Politico reported he was furious with a technician giving him defective equipment at a Florida rally in January. It’s another installment in Trump’s assertion this election is rigged. It is quite possible his mic wasn’t working, but Clinton seemed to find this a bit amusing. When asked about the possible defective mic, Clinton said: “Anyone who complains about the microphone is not having a good night.”

Clinton’s zinger is a reflection of how each candidate has reacted during this campaign. During the debate, you could tell Trump thrived by blaming Clinton and others for the fact we are living in a supposed “third world country,” while Clinton took great joy in calling out Trump’s wacky theories.

(Via Politico & MSNBC)

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